Mens Fashion


Here is my Men’s Fashion Wardrobe Essentials.

When it comes to being fashion conscious, Nigerians are highly rated, especially the men. When it comes to fashion, they always like to look their best. Look for the style that suits you and stick to it. Also gain inspiration from the styles we will be posting.


Good news gents the vest is back in on trend for 2019. The clean lines and structure flatter the masculine figure whether you are a large gent, skinny guy or a gym junkie. They can be worn socially or in the office. When picking out a vest look for one with high armholes. Don’t buy one that’s pulling on buttons or round your back.


You can never go wrong with the right shirt.The wrong shirt will detract from your look.
Textures such as twills, oxfords and herringbones are perfect for an more casual shirt giving interest without a tie, but for a clean, no- nonsense business look a plain white or palest blue with a tie. Don’t buy one that is pulling on your back or buttons.


A good fitted blazer will enhance the masculine figure whether you are a skinny or large guy a good fitted blazer will flatter you. Wear to the office with fitted trousers or casually with jeans. You can use different shades of the same colour to achieve that well dressed look you desire.Don’t buy one that’s hard to close or tight on shoulders or back.


Like any other piece, with jeans you’ve got to find a balance between style, comfort, and practically. Perhaps the most important thing is that they fit well. There are fits available for every man, budget and body shape. Often it’s about experimenting until you find your fit. If it doesn’t fit or is to tight don’t buy it.


Ankara style has risen in popularity in Nigerian Fashion.Even one Ankara styled piece can turn your look into a masterpiece. You can pair with jeans, shorts or chinos. Combine this style with hats and sunglasses for a unique look.