Buhari re-elected as President


Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari has been re-elected as president for four more years according to the BBC.

The 76-year-old defeated his main rival, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, with a margin of four million votes

Mr Abubakars’ party, The PDP (People’s Democratic Party) has rejected the result.

Delays and violence were in the run-up to the election but no independent observer has cited electoral fraud.

Buhari’s Party the APC won 19 of the 36 states, while PDP was victorious in 17 according to INEC.

INEC will make a formal declaration tomorrow. Some supporters took to the streets in celebration of Buhari’s victory.

Initial reports showed high turnouts in the north, where the bulk of Buhari’s votes were recieved. But overall the national turnout was the lowest since the country’s return to democracy 20 years ago.

The initial vote was postponed early on the 16 of February, five hours before polls were due to open. Voters were also choosing members of the House of Representatives and Senate.


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