Yves Rocher vs Clinique: My Review


Both Clinique and Yves Rocher has been selling lipsticks for a long time . The purpose of both lipsticks is the same: making the lipstick soft like a lip balm, but with a nice color and in a nice package. I first owned the Clinique Chubby stick after I told my mom about the effect. I loved it and after choosing a nice color, this was my must have item  last winter.
The lip crayon by Yves Rocher came into my possession by accident. I was lucky and got them in sale. Now this stick is very similar, just look at the image above. There are, however, some differences between the two sticks.

Immediately noticeable are the silver details on the above stick. This makes this stick look a bit more luxurious. This detail is of course something typical of Clinique, because this is also reflected in other beauty items. What I also find a big plus is that you have a huge selection of colors. It is almost impossible that you will not find a nice color, because they offer no less than 17 different ones.
What is positive at Clinique, I find a little less good at Yves Rocher. Because the stick has no color differences, it looks a bit cheap (cheaper than it actually is) and I actually think that’s a shame. There are also only a limited number of colors available. Of course I hope that this will change soon.

When you apply the Clinique chubby stick, you notice that this is done much more accurately than with a normal lipstick. You do not need a mirror, because you will not color outside the lines (unless you really do your best to do it). The color stays well, so that is all very well. I can say exactly the same about Yves Rocher. Well, I noticed that mainly with the balm that is used in both items. The stick from Clinique feels fairly dry after a few hours, but that from Yves Rocher remains very nourishing for your lips. Because I want the perfect lipstick, I can easily put it on all day, with any outfit, so my lips are fed throughout the day. My cracked lips look a little better since I use the Yves Rocher radiant lip crayon.

In my opinion, Clinique is a much better lipstick. How about you? Have you tried them yet?


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