Company Opens Rental Office Space for Businesses In Lagos


NIKOY Nigeria , a Lagos primarily based agro-enterprise business which specialises in grains processing and haulage, inaugurated 2 advanced subsidiaries inside of Lagos.

The subsidiaries which are ACE N Dry Laundromat and Work Hive Co-Work |within just pursuit of strategic diversification programme, are set to satisfy the aspirations of Entrepaneurs whose functions are technologies all sections of human endeavor.

As a result of the establishment institution of Work Hive Co- work, it indicates the times of getting your place of work prior to by yourself before you can transact your business enterprise is slowly and gradually turning out to be a thing of the past, as it affords company startups the chance towards hiring a workplace for each hour, or for every day with the provision of workplace office environment amenities already inside to do your Buisness from

Both of these are located off Toyin Road, Ikeja, the co-working area is thought to help people establish a buisness especially young and start up Buisness, the Laundromat is run by the latest and cheapest technology in a effort to make laundry services as cheap as possible.

In the Office Space there is power supply, internet facilites and furniture, as you can see from picture above. The laundromat costs N1500 for 25 pieces of Clothing. Apart from Self- Service there is drop off laundry which is handled by a professional cleaner.

Have you used the Laundromat or Rented out the Office space for your Buisness? Would love to hear about it in the comments.

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