How to Make money online with Google at home

How to Make money online with Google at home

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Making money online is easier than you think if you know what you are doing. My advice for anyone starting off is to start blogging. One Tip I have is to not to compare yourself to Famous Bloggers.

What Should I write about?

Well in my experience, you should write about something you like, If you like to paint, why not start a painting blog, you could review the best products also and a blog should be informative, useful and helpful. Consider the things you usually do either as a hobby and see how you can use that skill online. Like to make Clothes? Brilliant Make one or two and start trying to sell through Social Media or through your website. Love to cook? Why don’t you offer a local delivery service or you can run a course teaching others through your website, the possibilities are endless.

Start off small when looking to make money online, it takes time and hard work, there is no easy quick fix but it is worth it in the end.

When you have started getting a bit of traffic, either through Social Media or Paid ads, you then can apply for Adsense. It can be hard to get accepted the first time.

My advice is to have at least 20 articles, all handwritten (please don’t copy from someone else) and once you have a subject you enjoy you will find that to write them is quite easy and enjoyable.

The best sites that do well with Adsense that are popular to start off are

  • Blogs
  • News sites
  • Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Niche Social Networks
  • Free Online Tools

Happy Blogging and If you still are struggling and would like some help, I offer a Website Service where It is customized for your needs, just get in touch.

2. Start a Youtube Channel

Create a video, even if it is shot from your phone about anything you like at all. Thousands of people are starting their Youtube journey every day and can be very profitable if you have the following.

How to set up Youtube Channel 

Setting up a Youtube Channel is very easy, you can set up from your Google account, or make one if you don’t already.

  1. Start a Youtube Channel
  2. Create a video about anything that interests you, if you like it I am sure you’re not the only one that does
  3. Upload your videos to Youtube
  4. Try to build your subscribers (sharing on social media, friends and family, etc)
  5. When you have enough subscribers you can apply for Youtube’s partner program
  6. Start earning once you are approved

Unfortunately, at this present time, this is the most profitable ways to be paid by Google. Do You know any other methods? Please share below thanks N

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